Author: Calvin Ke

Shortcode Test

Here is the data laid out in a table. ID Route Depart City Arrive City Trips Price Duration hours and minutes

The duopoly of American politics: an allegory

Fun fact: despite the United States being home to more Internet service providers (ISPs) than any other nation in the world, the vast majority of the country’s households only has a few ISPs to choose from—usually one cable ISP and one telco ISP. For many, there is no real choice at all. Incidentally, this nightmarish…
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Election 2020: Unpopular Political Takes & Predictions

The 2020 Democratic presidential primary race is all but over. Sadly, my preferred candidate fell short of the nomination again (I voted for Bernie Sanders in 2016 and 2020). Barring any crazy events, Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee who will run against Trump in the general election. There were so many candidates in…
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Yeet: definition, conjugation, and usage

Yeet “Yeet” is a neologism and one of the most versatile words in the English language. It is most frequently used as an interjection or verb, but there are technically no incorrect usages of the word. Definition The definition of yeet varies by context as much as it does by part of speech. Interjection an…
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How to bypass paywalls on news sites

Let’s be real: paywalls suck. And yet, they are increasingly common nowadays as news websites and other content producers struggle to monetize their traffic. I don’t think the online subscription model is inherently wrong or unviable, but the use of modals is a terrible user experience. Even more annoying are the modals that pop up…
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Simple CSS solution to fixed header blocking anchor links

If you have ever worked on a site with a fixed navigation menu header that is “sticky” as you scroll, chances are you’ve run into this issue. When you click on a link to an anchor further down the page, it scrolls so the anchor is now at the very top of your window…behind the…
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How to add the last updated date to posts’ bylines in WordPress

One of the things that I was reminded of as I set up this site is just how much of WordPress’s behavior is controlled by the specific WordPress theme that you use. This includes the date that is displayed in the byline of each post. For instance, by default the Mesmerize theme only displays the…
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It’s alive! How I set up this site: steps and tools used

It has now officially been 3 days since I created this website. I figured, what could be more appropriate for a first blog post than a walkthrough of how I set it up? My plan for this post is to lay out a high level overview of each major step I’ve taken to install and…
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